About the Timeline

This timeline aims to explore, chronicle, and transmit to a broad public the Jewish history of British Columbia. It is a portrait of British Columbian Jews— and a portrait of Canada-Jewish diversity. The photographs and artifacts featured on this timeline are drawn from the collections of the Nemetz Jewish Community Archives, the Jewish Western Bulletin, and the Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia.

They represent only a small sample of the resources that provide scholars and the public with the opportunity for in-depth exploration of British Columbia Jewish history and other topics in Canadian and Jewish history.

This project was generously funded by THEN/HiER (http://thenhier.ca):

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How to Use the Timeline:
Explore events on the timeline by dragging your cursor horizontally, using your mouse-wheel, or pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard. Click on each event for more details and teacher resources.

Timeline Key:
BC Jewish History: Events related to the history of the Jewish people of British Columbia, including immigration, culture and traditions, the Jewish experience of coming to and living in British Columbia. BC Jewish Events feature notable individuals and organizations of provincial and national significance.

Canadian Jewish History: Canadian Events which have affected the Jewish people of British Columbia and helped to shape Canadian–Jewish identity. Events explore Canadian immigration, multiculturalism, the relationship between Canada and Israel, and Canadian-Jewish identity.

World Jewish History:
World Events chronicle the global migration of the Jewish people and highlight events which have affected Jewish people within Canada.

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